24 May

Commercial Construction

Ron Swartz Construction’s commercial experience ranges from tenant improvements (including retail and medical), remodeling/upgrading commercial buildings, and new construction throughout the Phoenix area. A substantial portion of the commercial work we receive is from previous clients who enjoyed working with us during the construction of their custom homes. There is no better compliment than when homeowners entrust us to build their office spaces. As such, there is a greater demand for Ron Swartz Construction to complete their offices with the same care and attention to detail they witnessed on their custom homes. That means crack-free walls, square corners and the utmost in customer service.

We also bring the same level of quality control to our clients’ commercial jobs as they received in their residential projects. We pay particular attention to the budget process. Since it can take months from the time initial estimates are made until permits are approved, we look for opportunities to re-bid portions of the job when the market changes to take advantage of better pricing for our clients. Our customers generally have more control over the project because we direct the project from design to finish in accordance with the budget they determine.

Regardless of the scope of your commercial project, you can expect an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction and the highest caliber workmanship.