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24 May

Home & Business: Affordable Quality


5,100-square-foot custom home built on 5-acres in Peoria, AZ
The Stock Shop remodel/upgrade

Kevin and Andrea Bloomquist presented Ron Swartz with what Kevin calls “grandiose” plans for their dream house. Ron advised the owners that the house would be beautiful, but expensive to build. “He said not to worry because they could also do the drafting and he explained what needed to be done to build a house for an active family of five,” Kevin recalls. The Swartz redesign was similar in scope to the original drawings but a lot less expensive to build.

Quality and Energy-Efficiency

To achieve the level of quality the Bloomquists sought at a reasonable cost was utilizing the expertise of the Swartz staff. Finish Project Manager Terry Swartz located the ideal home site; Ron Swartz helped with the interior layout; and Design Consultant Cindy Christner selected appropriate materials for their French Country theme. “Cindy was very good at recognizing what materials detracted from the quality of the house and what may not be a good value because they were too expensive. She knew what my boundaries were for quality,” Kevin says.

Kevin wanted a super energy-efficient house and was happy that Swartz was willing to try new ideas. “I wanted every seal on every piece of ductwork coated,” he says. “You can imagine when you have all these turns in the ductwork how much work that was. They didn’t argue. Terry brought me can of paint and we did it together.”

When Kevin changed his mind about design features, he says Swartz was always patient with his requests. Kevin wanted a big front door, but discovered fiberglass doors were not available in the size he preferred. “Ted Christner told me the way to do it is to put a big façade around the exterior of the door so the door looks big,” Kevin recalls. He gave Ted the OK to try that option, but within a few hours Kevin changed his mind—twice. “I went back and told him to go back to his original plan. He wasn’t upset; he said it happens all the time when people change their minds. He probably saved me $2,000 in wasted labor.”

Competitive Commercial Remodeling

When it came time to remodel his feed and tack store, Kevin didn’t have to think twice about which company to hire. “With Swartz Construction, there are not going to be any surprises and if there are, they tell me before we get too far into the project,” he says.

Ron Swartz Construction remodeled the Stock Shop, adding landscaping and signage, and upgrading the parking lot. Swartz transformed a dusty old barn on a dirt lot into an attractive, solid-built barn-style building with eye-catching landscaping. Kevin remarks that his business increased dramatically after the remodel. “When you have nice place, people like to shop there.”

The Bloomquists have the dream home they have always desired and a successful business to support their lifestyle. Ron Swartz Construction helped to make both become a reality. “Swartz is easy to work with, the price is competitive and you’re going to get more than you pay for,” Kevin attests.