All in the Family


  • 6,000 SF, 1-acre home
  • 7,500 SF, 1-acre home
  • 11,500 SF office & warehouse

Stephanie Kvamme and her son, Russ Mickelson, operate the CAD Store, an architectural and engineering software company in Peoria, AZ. Their family appreciated the honesty and quality work of another family-owned company and selected Ron Swartz Construction to build their homes as well as their business.

Smart Solutions for Custom Home Challenges

Stephanie and husband James’ home is constructed with RASTRA®, a “green” insulated concrete form (ICF) system made from cement and polystyrene, one of the first sustainable building projects of its kind in the area. The home required several design alterations, which Swartz was able to accommodate on the fly to keep the project moving forward. For instance, she wanted a special bathtub installed in an area not originally designed for its size. “Ron Swartz came up with a solution in minutes,” she says. Ron Swartz Construction found another solution in the kitchen when the plans had to be modified. “We ran into an issue with the plans and we had to deviate from them and move the sink,” Stephanie recalls. “They came up with a nice design that I liked better because now I have sink with a window.”

Russ selected Ron Swartz Construction to build a home for him and wife Michelle based on the positive experience his mother had with the contractor. While the Michelsons had an architect draw up plans, Russ noted the drawings don’t dictate the type of materials used, so he relied on Design Consultant Cindy Christner to advise him on the best fixtures and furnishings to install. “She delivered exactly what I would have envisioned and exceeded my expectations,” says Russ.

Building a new custom home involves numerous details and decisions, and Russ was glad he had a contractor with the experience to make the right calls. “Working with Swartz was wonderful because they took a lot of the unnecessary decision-making out of the process for us,” he says. “By getting to know us and understanding what our needs were, they took care of those issues. They acted as a trusted advisor.”

Experienced Commercial Builder

When it came time to build their office and warehouse, Stephanie and Russ didn’t take long to decide Ron Swartz Construction was the right contractor for the job. “They are wonderful people to work with,” Stephanie says. “They’re very honest. I wouldn’t consider anybody else.”

Russ had specific criteria for a commercial builder, and Ron Swartz Construction satisfied his needs. “We looked to work with a quality builder who would deliver a solid product and stand behind it,” Russ says. “We had all the confidence in the world the end result would be exactly what we wanted—and it was.”

The CAD Store had some special challenges with utilities and city requirements that took extensive coordinating by Finish Project Manager Terry Swartz with the engineers, the city, and Arizona subcontractors. Swartz personnel took care of the issues so seamlessly, the owners were hardly aware of the complex challenges that were resolved

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Stephanie has a keen eye for quality workmanship, and she was pleased with the final products. “I have no cracks at the store and never had a crack in any wall at my house,” Stephanie observes.

Working with Swartz offered Russ peace of mind confidence. “The key thing with Swartz is that I don’t have to question their integrity or honesty,” he contends. “They are open about the entire process and that’s important for me.”

After watching Ron Swartz Construction successfully complete three projects for his family, Russ has no doubts about who will build the next house he and Michelle are now planning. “I would have all the confidence in the world to work with them on our next project.”