Serving Others


  • 10,000 SF home with space for hosting extensive youth activities
  • 3,200 SF Medical Office Build-Out

Dr. Allan Sawyer and his wife Teresa approached Ron Swartz Construction with incomplete architectural plans for an ambitious home project in Arizona. Ron Swartz faced many challenges to produce workable plans that would pass city approval. “He has great knowledge of working with various cities in getting them to pass inspection and approve the plans,” Teresa says. “He took them to the city and resubmitted them only one time with a couple of minor changes.”

Experience to Tackle Any Kind of Construction Challenge

The project had other issues to contend with. The property sat on expansive soil, so Ron Swartz Construction located several experts to make recommendations on preparing the land for building. This included placing deep footings, reinforcing the flooring with steel rebar, and covering the area with granite overlay. “They took all the measures they possibly could to prevent future problems,” Teresa states.

Just before leaving for a trip to China to adopt baby twins, an issue cropped up when street water drained onto their home site. Figuring they would deal with it when they returned, the Sawyers were surprised to discover Swartz resolved the issue quickly. “Swartz was an advocate for us. They went head-to-head with the city over the water issue, and within 24 hours the city was out here to put a drain in the street,” Teresa recalls.

The Sawyers frequently open their home to youth group activities, so the house had to comfortably accommodate dozens of teenagers at a time. The backyard contains areas for seating, swimming and soccer. Swartz converted a formal dining room into a poolroom and another room for playing games and watching movies. “I had 87 high-schoolers here and the house consumed them. You’d never know there were that many kids here,” Teresa asserts.

Medical Office Design Solutions

Dr. Sawyer is an OB/GYN in Glendale, AZ and Teresa manages his office. They selected Ron Swartz Construction to complete the tenant improvements (TIs) on an office condo. “They did such a good job with our house, we selected them for the office project. I didn’t even bid out the office,” Teresa says.

Teresa’s goal was to create an atmosphere that would be comfortable and comforting to women who visited the medical office. Cindy Christner helped Teresa with finish selections to meet that goal. “Cindy picked out feminine colors that are easy to clean up in a medical setting,” Teresa says. She had equal success working with other members of the Swartz staff. “Ted Christner had lots of ideas and was very conscientious,” Teresa says. “[They] handled questions that needed to be answered, and whatever needed to be fixed, the crew was on it and fixed it immediately.”

The Sawyers had concerns about reports from other office owners about problems with shifting, ceiling cracks and water issues. “Swartz saw the issues up front, and addressed them prior to doing the TIs. They were very conscientious about anticipating problems,” Teresa says.

The result is an office where patients feel welcome. “There’s not a day that goes by that we do not have women come in and say our office is so beautiful, warm and not sterile.”